The Group of Companies

Currently, the “SƏBA” trademark unites Səba ASC, Bilasuvar Agro MMC and Karabakh Takhil MMC and Davachi Broiler Deep Processing MMC companies. Crop produced by Karabakh Takhil MMC is send to Səba. “Saba” itself supplies forage of birds that it breeds and in this way is sure of high quality of their feeding. Poultry products of Davachi Broiler are sent to Deep Proceeding MMC, where chicken meat undergoes deep processing and half-finished products are produced. Such kind of activity completely conforms to the concept of “Saba” defined as “from nature to kitchen”.

Səba ASC

Səba Open Joint Stock Company was founded in 1996 on the basis of reconstructed material-technical basis of Davachi Poultry Factory, which had been created in 1981. After the notable political and public figure Heydar Aliyev again came to power in Azerbaijan real revival was observed in the economy of our independent country. Foreign investment began to flow to our economy and different economic spheres in both private and state sectors were reconstructed. Market relations have become norms in economics and in social life of the society, outlines of consumer market were defined and essential changes were observed in the local production. In accordance with the 1st State Program on Privatization, Davachi Poultry Factory successfully passed privatization process in 1997. Restoration of previous productive capacity, replacement of old devices and equipments with new ones, repair and adjustment of existing mechanisms and devices and other similar work started in January 2002 and the enterprise was ready for annual production after only 6 months. This restoration and reconstruction activities were carried out on account of 13 billion manats credited to Səba ASC by the Joint Stock Commercial Bank Republic. Besides, former experienced and qualified personnel of the enterprise were involved in the production again.

Səba ASC is situated in an area that includes 135 hectares. There are 90 buildings (including 52 broiler buildings) in the area and 800 workers work there. Annual poultry production of the enterprise is 13.000 tons.

Bilasuvar Agro

Bilasuvar Agro Limited Liability Company has been founded in Bilasuvar city within the “State Program on Social-Economical Development of Regions in 2004-2008” and on the basis of recommendation of President of Azerbaijan Republic. Construction of a new milk processing plant started in 2007 and on November 10, 2008 President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev himself opened the plant. It is an unprecedented enterprise in the region, investment of which was 10 million manats.

The plant of Bilasuvar Agro MMC has the capacity of receiving 100 tons of milk a day. Currently, it has 50 working personnel. It produces butter with 82% fatness from milk and rest of the processed mass is used for production of fatless dry milk and dry milk with 25% fatness. Latest technologies were brought to the enterprise from Germany, Poland, Turkey, the USA and other countries for production of dry milk, butter and condensed milk. Bilasuvar Agro uses local raw material for production. Two buildings with six apartments were built in the area of the plant for highly qualified specialists. Besides, comprehensive renovation work has been done. Water supply of the plant is carried out from a lake with capacity of 8 thousand cubic meters. Before entering the enterprise, water is refined in first-class equipments imported from the USA. This modern plant in Bilasuvar is a visual indicator of rapid development of the non-oil sector in all regions of the Republic.

Davachi Broiler Deep Processing

Founded for delivery of half-finished products to consumers that are produced by Səba ASC from chicken meat, Davachi Broiler Deep Processing MMC started in November of 2010.

Davachi Broiler Deep Processing Company processes chicken meat in modern equipments and sends half-finished products (breaded cutlets, chops, kebabs, sausages, minced meat and etc.) for sale. Yearly growing sales prove that consumers prefer our semi-finished products.

Karabakh Takhil

Fdf Reforms realized in the agrarian sphere and many-branched state aid ensured dynamic growth of production of agricultural products (specially, plant products), which in turn, contributed to realization of significant changes in planting structure and product structure of agricultural plants in last years.

Taking into consideration growing production demands, Karabakh Takhil Limited Liability Company was founded in April, 2012 for production, stocking and sale of forage products used in poultry. As a result, constant strengthening was observed in the sphere of food security in Azerbaijan.

For the purpose of reduction of chicken meat prices through production of forage inside the country, Karabakh Takhil started production of forage and grain in lands under crop, total area of which is 5600 hectares. The enterprise has such lands under crop in Beylagan, Aghjabadi, Kurdamir, Aghsu and Shamakhi regions. High results are expected from latest technologies imported from the USA for corn harvesting. Artificial rain water units (PIVOT) are among the latest technologies applied in the sphere of agriculture in Azerbaijan. It enables to save much water in comparison to traditional methods. Besides, poultry manure from the enterprise is used for fertilization of plantations. It enables to contribute to protection of environment by using natural fertilizers.